The Vision

For years the Los Angeles Harbor Area communities have been plagued by gangs, violence, and mass incarcerations. Unfortunately, the gang mentality has been at the fore front of these issues.

With the issues being evident and the continual cycle of the gang lifestyle being passed down from generation to generation. “Arise & Go,” seeks to redirect the lives of gang members toward a more positive direction by accepting individuals who have chosen the gang lifestyle for who they are, and where they are in life. Accepting where they are, is the first step toward inspiring change in an individual’s heart, mind, and soul. True transformation can only be genuine if it is supported from within by the transforming power of faith, and the biblical standards of Jesus Christ.

“Arise & Go” sees the importance of empowering those who have taken the steps towards change. Providing these individuals with necessary support systems and resources will be key to their transformative growth, happiness, and prosperity. An individual who tastes a life of positive change will change their family. A family who changes, will change a neighborhood. A neighborhood who changes will change a community – but it all begins with the individual.