Javier Martinez

Javier grew up in Harbor City California, the son of Immigrants from Mexico. Aside from growing up in a neighborhood that had gang issues, his childhood was filled with sports, close friends, and family. Despite having strong positive relationships as a child, the gang lifestyle he saw as a kid in his neighborhood motivated him to join the local street gang. Feeling like this would be the only way he would be able to represent his community. He placed the burden upon himself to uphold the destructive values of street life in high regard. This led him on a 20-year journey that was filled with everything the gang life has to offer, including its consequences. Then in 2007 Javier surrendered his life to the Saving Grace of JESUS CHRIST. With this new found chance in life, Javier has been given the opportunity to restore his relationships with his children, and family. His passion is to see the lives of gang members transformed and for the gang impacted communities of the Los Angeles Harbor Area to be healthier, happier, and safe.